It’s Morphin’ Time: The 12 Best Power Rangers Series

9. Dino Charge

Starting with five and ending with 10, Dino Charge made Power Rangers’ history for having the most people on a single Rangers’ team. Despite the large ensemble, Dino Charge had a brilliant cast of actors. Plus, the season went along at a great pace with both plot-moving episodes, as well as episodes that helped build character growth.

8. Ninja Storm

As the very first Power Rangers season under Disney, Ninja Storm was an incredible season. Episodes weren’t too overly serious, the comedic element was well-received, and there were some amazing fighting and action scenes. The Rangers started off as ninjas in-training, turning into full-fledged samurais as the season wore on.

While Ninja Storm started off with three Rangers, the team grew as episodes went by, which included the addition of the ever-popular Cam joining the crew.


7. Zeo

Zeo series was a continuation of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers seasons, which included new outfits for the crew and even more powers. This series featured increased character development, stronger storylines, and even better writing than what had been done before.

While Zeo built off of the cast of Mighty Morphin’s third season, it also saw the return of series-original Jason, who took up the title as Gold Ranger.

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