It’s Morphin’ Time: The 12 Best Power Rangers Series

Not many shows can tout 861 episodes plus three different movie adaptations with close to a quarter of century run. However, the Power Rangers is an anomaly of sorts, entertaining audiences for well over two decades and a fanbase that spans generations.

Much like anything else in the land of entertainment, the Power Rangers has had its fair share of ups and downs since its beginnings in 1993, and many viewers would agree that some of the seasons have been better than others.

As such, below are 12 of the best Power Rangers’ series over the years.

12. Mystic Force

This one hits the top of the list, due to its polarized popularity. There are Power Rangers’ fans that simply loved this series, and then there are those who saw it as a blatant rip-off of Harry Potter.

Nonetheless, these Rangers were able to fight the enemy off this time around, thanks to the magic powers they captured. Oh, and then there’s that slight wardrobe change where the team also donned capes all throughout each episode.