In-Flight Horror Stories: Celebrity Meltdowns

8. Josh Duhamel

It looks like Alec Baldwin was just following in the footsteps of Josh Duhamel. A week before Baldwin threw his temper tantrum about shutting down his electronic devices, Duhamel did the same exact thing! He was told to turn off his electronic devices, but did not think he had to.

He was rude to the flight attendants and kept mocking the one that told him to turn his BlackBerry off. Like most other celebrities on the list, Duhamel got a police escort off the plane once it landed.

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7. Billie Joe Armstrong

Pull up your pants! That is what Southwest Airlines told Green Day singer Billie Joe Armstrong back in 2011. Apparently, his pants were too low on his hips, which caused Southwest Airlines to kick him off the flight. Armstrong went on Twitter to complain about it and Southwest apologized. What, no voucher for him?

It turns out Armstrong could have had it much worse though, as University of New Mexico football player Deshon Marman was arrested on a U.S. Airways flight for having his pants too low! He faced charges of trespassing and resisting arrest after refusing to listen to the pilot and female crewmember. The female crewmember in question could apparently see the outline of his junk through the exposed boxers.

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6. Conrad Hughes Hilton

You would think Paris Hilton would do this, not her brother. However, Conrad was on a British Airways flight and seemed to have had too much to drink. He proceeded to threaten and intimidate the flight attendants. He was using profanity and smoking in the bathrooms. To top it off, Hilton was calling the other passengers “peasants.” He seems like such a nice guy, right?


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