In-Flight Horror Stories: Celebrity Meltdowns

If there has been any business getting a bad rap recently, it would definitely have to be airlines. It seems like all of them, especially United Airlines, is having some kind of public relations nightmare every week; United has been kicking people off their flights and giving away seats that were bought for children.

Sometimes, though, an incident on an airplane isn’t the airlines fault. No one hates bad press more than celebrities, but some of them just can’t keep their names out of the spotlight. They may be all high and mighty, but celebrities travel just like us, and that means taking a plane to get from place to place.

And when they board, they can have a meltdown like most of us want to have every time we fly anywhere. We’ve compiled a list of the craziest celebrity meltdowns on airplanes ever, so check it out below!

11. Gerard Depardieu

When you just have to go, what do you do? Grab a bottle – and not a bottle of wine to make you feel better. Gerard Depardieu was on a flight back in 2011. The flight was delayed and the seatbelt sign was on. Gerard had to pee and had to pee big time. He asked the staff if he could use the restroom, but they said the doors were locked until takeoff.

So, his actor friend offered him a plastic bottle to relieve himself with and Gerard did just that! The problem? Apparently, he wasn’t the best shot, as not all of his urine ended up in the bottle. He offered to clean it up, but the staff offered to help him off the plane!

Denis Makarenko / Shutterstock