How Aboot That?: Stars that You Didn’t Know are Canadian

Although Canada is generally content to leave America to their fist-shaking and other shows of dominance on the world stage, there are some things of theirs that they know America can’t live without. We’re not talking about softwood lumber or steel. We’re talking about the celebrities that creep down south every year, hide their Canadian accents, and star in American movies.

A ton of your favorite celebrities who are the living embodiment of the LA and Hollywood lifestyle are actually closet Canadians. Today, we’re going to take a look at some stars that you didn’t realize were Canadian.

Ryan Reynolds

The secret’s out! Canada has all the best Ryans, and they’re shipping them south of the border at alarming rates.

Ryan Reynolds, who we all know and love from his recent turn as Deadpool, is actually Canadian. He was born in Vancouver, got his start doing Canadian TV, and was even briefly engaged to Canadian folk/rock singer Alanis Morisette for three years before they broke it off. Much to the horror of Canadian women everywhere, he married American actress Blake Lively after they met while filming Green Lantern. Although he does have a brother that’s in the uber-Canadian Royal Canadian Mounted Police, he spends most of his time down in Los Angeles.

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Ryan Gosling

Another amazing Hollywood Ryan that’s actually Canadian is Ryan Gosling, who was born in London, Ontario. He got his start as an actor early on in life. He spent two years starring in Disney’s The Mickey Mouse Club, then spent the rest of his teens and early adulthood in smaller roles until he landed the movie that made him famous — The Notebook. He dated his Canadian co-star Rachel McAdams for three years before finally calling it quits in 2008. Now, he has two children with Eva Mendes, and lives in California.

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Rachel McAdams

It’s a bit ironic that an American love story like The Notebook was actually performed by two Canadians.

Like Ryan Gosling, Rachel McAdams was also born in London, Ontario, and moved to Toronto for theater school. She got her start in a Canadian TV series called Slings and Arrows which featured a host of notable Canadian theater actors like Martha Burns and Oliver Dennis. She quickly moved to Los Angeles for work, and since then she’s had a huge amount of success, starring in movies ranging from the sappy (The Vow) to the hilarious (Game Night). McAdams has since decided to move back to Canada and settled down in Toronto.

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