$88,592,000,000Filthy Rich

History’s 21 Richest Criminals

For every billionaire in the world that has made their money through honest work and long hours, there is another billionaire that made incredible amounts of money through violence, bootlegging, or drug trafficking. Here are 21 of the richest people to ever break the law:

“Freeway” Ricky Ross

“Freeway” Ricky Ross is known for being an author as well as a convicted drug trafficker. In the 1980s, Ross made his fortune buying and re-selling several metric tons of cocaine, earning a profit of $300 million in 7 years. Eventually brought down in a sting operation, Ross was sentenced to life in prison. Ross’s autobiography was released in 2014, and was received with critical praise due to its unsentimental look at his life and career.

Patrick Bastien Photography
Patrick Bastien Photography