Gotta Collect ‘Em All: The Most Expensive Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards

If you’re looking to start collecting cards, take our advice and either get in early, or don’t step into the ring until you’ve got enough money to really throw down. Many collectible cards, whether they’re baseball cards, Pokémon, or Yu-Gi-Oh!, put a huge value on rare or early cards, both of which cost a lot of money. Although you will hear the occasional story of someone coming across a rare card at a garage sale or in a tiny, unassuming shop for a small amount of money, these situations are impossible to predict.

If you’re looking for rare Yu-Gi-Oh! cards, check this list out, and see if you can afford to add any of these to your collection.

Tournament Black Luster Soldier

The Tournament Black Luster Soldier card was given to the winner of the first national Yu-Gi-Oh! tournament in Japan in 1999, which is only one of the reasons why it’s a one-of-a-kind treasure. Instead of being printed on cardstock like the rest of the cards, it’s printed on stainless steel!

Currently, it’s priced at 998 million yen, or around $10 million USD, and is being sold by a private seller, accompanied by a certified letter of authenticity. $10 million may seem a bit ridiculous, so the seller is also throwing in a couple of other rare cards as freebies — if he can find a buyer to cough up that much cash.


Armament of the Lethal Lords

This card was originally awarded to the winner of the World Championship series in 2006 — meaning that there’s only one in existence. The Armament of the Lethal Lords card, which is a dark Level 8 card, was originally put on the market for the insane sum of $1.2 million, but eventually the buyer had to bring the price down to $9,000. This card is classified as ultra-rare.

It’s actually only half of the duo that was awarded to the championship winner. The other card in the set was Testament of The Arcane Lords.

Exodia The Forbidden One

Exodia The Forbidden One is a card that recently sold at auction for $10,000 USD, but it’s not valuable for the same reasons as some of the others. It’s special because it was one of the most important and prestigious cards in the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga series, and fans have treated it accordingly. Since you instantly win when summoning all the parts of Exodia, this final piece is very valuable.

Most of the parts are easy to find and only worth around $35-50. The card that sold for $10,000 is a Limited Edition Rare card, in excellent condition, making it both a useful and valuable commodity.

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