Gotta Collect ‘Em All: The Most Expensive Video Games

If you’re a gamer, you’re probably used to paying top dollar for the newest games and the most up-to-date gaming systems. And at the end of the day, usually the updated gameplay and technology is worth the price.

However, there are some collectors that scour eBay, auctions, and game shops for old and rare videogames cartridges (often called “carts”) that they can add to their collection. These collectors are the ones that are responsible for cataloguing video game history, and actively saving it from the hands of people who don’t appreciate the value of their possessions.

If you’re thinking about getting into the collecting game, check this list out- these are the most expensive video games in the world.

1. Stadium Events

Stadium Events was released in America by the Japanese company Bandai, and is super-rare because it was one of the only games made for their Family Fun Fitness mat. The mat was a soft controller that you manipulated with your feet in order to control the game.

Stadium Events was pulled from the market in 1988 — just a year after it was released — because Nintendo bought the rights to the Family Fun Fitness mat and wanted to release their own versions of Bandai’s games. The remaining copies of Stadium Events were pulled from the shelves, but not before approximately 200 copies were sold. Now, one copy is worth up to $41,300 — even the boxes are worth $10,000 empty.


2. Cheetahmen II

One of the most unscrupulous grabs for money in the gaming industry was perpetrated by Active Enterprises at the height of the video game boom. Their game Cheetahmen was very popular, so they tried to capitalize on its fame by releasing a limited-edition sequel called Cheetahmen II.

It turns out the sequel was actually just the original cartridge with a gold sticker. There were only 1,500 copies made with the gold sticker that are now incredibly rare and worth over $1,500 each. You can tell the authentic item because it actually misspells the name of the game as Cheetamen.

3. Mountain Bike Rally & Speed Racer

In 1994, Nintendo released the Extertainment System, an exercise bike that featured a built-in screen and controllers that were set into the handle of the bike. They then released two games, Mountain Bike Rally and Speed Racer. Unfortunately for Nintendo, the combination of bike and games were pretty expensive, and no one bought them.

While the bikes are not really a collector’s item anymore (they were just too unwieldy to keep around), the games are now worth up to $3,700 for a sealed cartridge. If you want to find your own copy, check out eBay for any that are on sale now.

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