Game of Thrones Season 8: Death Pool

Since it first aired in 2011, Game of Thrones never shied away from killing off the most beloved characters. Although there have been many TV series that have killed off main characters, it’s never been as early or as significant as Game of Thrones chopping off Ned Stark’s head before the first season was finished. From that shocking moment to the brutality of the Red Wedding – and all the episodes afterwards – GoT viewers have learned not to get too attached.

To celebrate the series’ final season, let’s put some money on who will survive to the last episode of Season 8. Organize a death pool among your friends, and use this guide to decide who will most likely survive the final episode.

1. Daenerys Targaryen: 50% Chance of Survival

As one of the only characters who’s been with Game of Thrones from the beginning, Daenerys represents both the past and the future. Her connection to House Targaryen gives her the lineage to rule, but her temperament and everything she’s taught herself will be what makes her a great queen.

We’re going to say there’s a 50/50 chance she survives until the final episode. It’s unlikely both her and Jon Snow will live happily ever after, and the show does have a way of killing off its heroes.

2. Jon Snow: 50% Chance of Survival

Another main character who the audience has loved from the beginning is Jon Snow, who we now know is a both a Stark and a Targaryen. He’s always been at the center of the action somehow, even after dedicating his life to the Night’s Watch. His storyline beyond the Wall represents the larger struggle between light and darkness, good and evil.


Jon Snow already died once, and it’s tempting to say the writers will continue to cover him in plot armor to help him rise again. However, he’s been continually associated with his father figure and actual uncle Ned Stark, who was too honorable to survive Westeros politics for long. We give him a 50/50 chance of survival, which falls to 0 percent if Daenerys is also alive at the end.  

3. Cersei Lannister: 5% Chance of Survival

There’s almost no chance Cersei Lannister survives to the end of Game of Thrones. She’s already positioned as the most ruthless, ambitious, and cutthroat player in the game, and since the death of her children, Cersei has almost nothing left to live for. Even Jaime has abandoned her, and she’s alone in King’s Landing – not unlike the Mad King Aerys.

Cersei may be smart, but she lacks the empathy and awareness that makes Daenerys so powerful. Her odds of survival are slim to none.

4. Sansa Stark: 90% Chance of Survival

This may be a controversial opinion, but we believe Sansa is one of the main characters that’s most likely to survive the impending war with the undead. She’s always proved to be the best mixture of her parents – she has Ned’s honor and is tempered by Catelyn’s practical nature. She’s also proved herself to be an adept learner and a brilliant political mind. Unlike her earlier teachers Cersei and Petyr Baelish, she can still trust, and is willing to think of the bigger picture, rather than acting with only herself in mind.

However, there is still an undead army heading her way, so we’re putting her chances of survival at 90%.

5. Tyrion Lannister: 75% Chance of Survival

Tyrion Lannister is another brilliant political mind who just might survive the final season. He’s always been smart, and capable of great devotion without being slavishly tied to his family interests like Jaime and Cersei.

However, the fact that he killed both Shae and his father proves that Tyrion isn’t an idiot, and that he’s willing to act when the situation requires. We’re giving him a 75 percent chance of surviving till the end.  

6. Arya Stark: 80% Chance of Survival

No character on Game of Thrones has grown more than Arya Stark. She began the series as a young rebel bent on escaping the gender norms imposed on her by her upper-class family. Since then, she’s moved through most of Westeros and Braavos, became a Faceless Man, and in the last season, learned how to reconcile her old identity with her new personality and skills.

Arya’s changed a lot, and she’s shown a new willingness to trust Sansa. This means that she’s capable of meaningful growth, and it really feels like she’s at the beginning of her arc, not the end.

7. Jaime Lannister: 40% Chance of Survival

The last time we saw him, Jaime Lannister was very much on his own path. He’d broken with his sister and lover Cersei and was preparing to head north. In the last seven seasons, we’ve learned a lot about Jaime, and Jaime learned a lot about himself.

The lies he was told by his father and Cersei are starting to wear off, and we believe it’s possible for him to experience a complete redemption arc. Unfortunately, that typically spells death for the character, as they pay for their past misdeeds with their life. Jaime likely won’t see the end of the series alive.

8. Brienne of Tarth: 30% Chance of Survival

Brienne of Tarth has always had a purpose. Her first goal was to join Renly Baratheon’s Rainbow Guard. She protected him until his death at the hands of Melisandre’s mysterious shadow, then switched her alliance to Catelyn Stark, vowing to protect her daughters. Despite becoming close with a deadly Lannister, Brienne has never waved in the face of duty.

And unfortunately, that’s a pretty clear sign she won’t survive much longer. Since the death of Ned Stark, Brienne is undoubtedly the most honorable character on the show. Like Ned, it’s likely she’ll die trying to protect others.

9. Bran Stark: 80% Chance of Survival

It’s hard to predict what will happen to Bran in Season 8. Will he die? Will he turn into a tree and live forever? Will he stop looking at everyone in such a weird way and go back to being a normal young man?

Whatever happens to Bran, his warging ability means that it’s likely that he’ll know what’s coming in advance, which gives him a huge advantage. He saw the rise of the White Walkers happen, and he’s been able to hone his vision over the last season. And with his legs out of commission, it’s also likely Bran won’t die in battle.

10. Samwell Tarly: 90% Chance of Survival

Everyone’s favorite coward Samwell Tarly really came into his own in the last few seasons. He’s the only man in a millennia to kill a White Walker, and it’s possible that he has the fabled Horn of Winter in his possession.

More recently, Samwell has been tasked with studying academia in order to find a way to defeat the White Walkers – and he’ll likely become a crucial figure in the final episodes. We think Samwell is highly likely to survive because someone has to be able to tell this story, and with his passion for history, Sam is the most likely candidate.

 11. Varys: 100% Chance of Survival

Come on – if Varys has survived this long living in King’s Landing as a double agent for the Targaryens, there’s nothing he can’t accomplish. He once told Ned Stark that everything he did was for the good of the realm, and it’s possible he’ll continue to pursue the best possible outcome for the good of Westeros. However, Ned never trusted him, and Daenerys (rightly) told him that she’d burn him if he ever betrayed her.

Will Varys’s motivations turn out to have been nefarious all along? We have such hope in his ability to double-deal that we don’t think he’ll ever be killed.    

 12. Davos Seaworth: 20% Chance of Survival

Davos Seaworth has gotten the crappy end of the stick at almost every turn throughout his time on Game of Thrones. His faith in Stannis turned out to have been misplaced all along, and it cost him his entire family. Just when it started to look like he was getting over the loss of his sons, he lost the Princess Shireen to Melisandre’s flames.

While Davos is known for being a practical, honorable man, he doesn’t trust his gut. If he can’t figure out how to do that, he won’t survive long. And with his alliance changing once again, who knows whose side Davos will be on in the end.

13. The Hound: 55% Chance of Survival

Another beautiful redemption story is The Hound, who unlike Jaime or Davos has become honorable, but also has the self-preservation instinct that’s so necessary in Westeros. However, he’s lived and died by his sword, so it’s likely he won’t be able to escape the impending wars- and that’s if he manages to survive Cleganebowl.

  14. The Greyjoys: 50% Chance of Survival

The last time we saw the Greyjoys, Yara was being held as a prisoner of her uncle Euron while Theon leapt overboard to seek help from Daenerys. It’s possible that Theon will finally find the honor and courage he needs to save his sister – but it’s equally likely that all the Greyjoys will die in some gigantic cataclysm before the series wraps.

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