Funniest Comedy Shows Canada Gave the World

The world has a lot of things to thank Canada for including poutine, hockey, and their incredibly hot Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. But we should also thank them for all the laughs they’ve given us over the years through their hilarious television exports.

Here are 15 of our favourite Canuck comedies that have made us chuckle over the years.

The Kids in the Hall

Scott Thompson, Dave Foley, Bruce McCulloch, Mark McKinney, and Kevin McDonald made bad drag look good in their bizarre sketch comedy show The Kids in the Hall, which aired on HBO, CBS, and CBC from 1989 to 1995.

This bizarre, and often times surreal, comedy set itself apart by rarely relying on celebrity impressions or pop culture references, and instead kept us in stitches with inventive characters like the Chicken Lady, Headcrusher, and gay socialite Buddy Cole.