Forgotten Celebrity Siblings You May Not Know About

For most actors, Hollywood is a place that you break into on your own. After you’ve appeared in a few movies, it’s up to you to hire a good publicist and turn your moment in the spotlight into a viable career. For some lucky people with siblings already in the business, it gets a lot easier as you can cash in on your family name for a leg up. There are several notable family dynasties in Hollywood, but not everyone enjoys the same level of success all the time.

Kate and Oliver Hudson

When you first see them, it’s undeniable that Kate and Oliver Hudson are siblings. As the only children of Goldie Hawn and musician Bill Hudson, they were largely raised by their mother and her new partner Kurt Russell after their parents divorced. After filming Almost Famous, Kate started to see new measures of fame that lasted throughout the early 2000s — she was highly sought after for romantic comedies like How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days and Bride Wars. Brother Oliver had a much slower route through Hollywood — although he appeared as a guest star on Dawson’s Creek for three years, he is just now starting to see some bigger TV roles.

Featureflash Photo Agency /

Featureflash Photo Agency /

Alec, Daniel, William, and Steven Baldwin

Anyone who has a passing knowledge of Hollywood will know about the Baldwin brothers. Alec Baldwin (born in 1958) has a successful movie career, and originated one of the most iconic sitcom roles of the last ten years. He is followed by three brothers who are also actors: Daniel (born in 1960), William (born in 1963), and Stephen (born in 1966). Although all three of the younger Baldwins have appeared in a host of movies, none of them have reached the same level of fame as oldest brother Alec. Right now, they’re trying to collaborate on a Western movie that would see all four of them playing siblings.


James and Dave Franco

Brothers James and Dave Franco are probably the siblings on this list who have been able to work together most successfully. Just last year, they filmed a movie based on cult hit The Room called The Disaster Artist — James will play the lead, while Dave will take on a key supporting role. It looks like they’re most comfortable in roles like these — James has been a Hollywood star for years, but it seems like Dave is happy not to follow in his footsteps, and instead to focus on indie comedies. His appearance in Now You See Me in 2013 marks his biggest Hollywood film yet.



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