Food Addict: Food Items Used to Smuggle Drugs

The people here at FilthyRich sure love food. Whether it’s organic whole food, finely prepared cuisine or nutrient-rich superfoods, we love them all. That is, unless it’s being used as a container for illicit substances.

If it isn’t already apparent, criminals will try just about anything to turn a profit. ANYTHING! That includes stuffing coconuts with pot, constructing fake watermelons, stuffing dead animals and … well, you’ll see.

Today on FilthyRich, we explore the dastardly ways in which drug distributors use food to sneak their products across the border. And don’t get any ideas. After all, everyone on this list was caught. So, grab yourself some snacks and maybe a neck pillow because today we take a trip to the border. Let’s go!


Coconuts are incredibly refreshing, full of healthy fatty acids, and delicious. That is, unless they’re hollowed out and filled with jazz cabbage. Yes, this actually happened.

Back in 2016, a group of unsuspecting U.S. Customs and Border Patrol agents conducted a routine inspection of a tractor trailer attempting to cross the Texas border from Mexico. They found some coconuts. They also found roughly $285,000 worth of marijuana stuffed into hollowed out coconut shells. That’s 1,423 pounds! That’s almost as bad as putting the lime in the coconut.


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When will these guys learn that disguising their drugs as boxes of fresh produce simply doesn’t work. That’s a rhetorical question. Because, we’re guessing they’ll never learn.

Back in 2014, a group of San Diego border guards were patrolling the Otay Mesa crossing that separates the U.S. from Tijuana. As per usual, they conducted a routine inspection on a shipment of cucumbers. To be fair, they did find cucumbers. They also found enough marijuana to make Snoop Dogg blush. How much is that? Well, how does $1.5 million worth sound?

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People love pineapples. Whether they’re on a pizza, grilled, or just served on a fruit platter, pineapples are delicious. If you agree, you have something in common with drug smugglers.

Back in 2015, Spanish police discovered the smuggler’s affectation for prickly food-stuffs the hard way. When a seemingly inconspicuous shipment of pineapples arrived at a large seaport, it was business as usual. That is, until they discovered that the fruit had been hollowed out and stuffed with over 400 pounds of cocaine. It wasn’t the first time this had happened either.

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