Fire on the Ice: Top 25 Best Looking NHL Players

The National Hockey League is home to many walks of life. Russia, Canada, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, Canada and the United States of America all produce NHL caliber hockey players. This leads to a veritable cornucopia of hotness and entertainment skating around on ice that not even Disney can begin to rival with large cartoon animals. (The hotness of Disney on Ice being a man skating around stuffed inside a large Mickey suit, obviously.)

NHL players are tough. They are some of the toughest athletes on the planet. Not only do they have to perform incredible acts of hand-eye coordination, absorb bone-crunching body checks, stand in front of 90 miles an hour pieces of hard rubber flying at their bodies, they have to do all this while ice skating.

Given how manly and tough these men are, that alone can be enough to melt the ice, but for many of these men, that isn’t all they have to offer. Many of the NHL players are involved in charities, own small businesses, are devoted fathers and make millions a year.

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What’s not to fall for? The following is a list of the top 25 hottest men in the NHL.

25. Mike Green

Mike Green was known as the overtime assassin for many years as a Washington Capital. He had a natural knack for finding the back of the net in an overtime game. This instilled him with the nickname “Game over Green.” He has since found his way to the Detroit Red Wings after a trade, helping to raise the temperature in Detroit for the winter.


In 2008, Green founded a charity called “So Kids Can” with a local D.C radio host, Elliot Segal. The charity helped raise money to construct a playground in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia.

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24. P.K Subban

P.K Subban is known as many things in the NHL. He is a talented defensemen who can score at will. He is a very physical being who is not afraid to go out of his way to slam his hip into you if given the chance. Subban is a bit of a playboy. He is also known to be a notorious trash talker. Through all of this, he still maintains all of his teeth, a feat alone worthy enough to get him on this list.

23. Ryan Kesler

Ryan Kesler is the alternate captain for the Anaheim Ducks, the team founded upon the movies from the 90’s, The Mighty Ducks. At the age of 31, Kesler has now been in the league for 12 years, making him a branded NHL veteran.

He and his wife Andrea have three children. Ryan enjoys the more simple aspects of life like racing his Ford Mustang. He has also released a line of clothing, named RK17. The brand focused mostly on sports gear and casual wear and an image of Ryan in his underwear can be found on the company’s website. What better way to promote your company?

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