Feel the Love: Movies to Watch on V-Day

4. Sense and Sensibility

This classic novel written by Jane Austen is a perennial favorite of romance fans, and was adapted into a movie in 1995 by Ang Lee and screenwriter Emma Thompson.

The plucky Dashwood sisters were played by Thompson and Kate Winslet, and their beaux were played by Hugh Grant and Alan Rickman. The film chronicled the Dashwood sisters sudden fall into destitution, and their attempts to carry on regardless of their changed circumstances.

Regardless of whether you’ve read the book, the movie is a great period romance, and features amazing performances by the four starring actors, as well as gorgeous English scenery.

5. The Notebook

Nicholas Sparks has become one of the top names in romantic page-turners, so it only makes sense that an adaptation of his book The Notebook was an instant hit.


The movie featured real-life (at the time) couple Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling, who play Allie and Noah, a couple who fall in love through a hot Southern summer but are forced apart by her parents. Noah writes to Allie every day for an entire year, but her mother confiscates the letters before Allie can read them. Their eventual reunion in the pouring rain is one of the hottest, most romantic scenes in movie history.

6. My Bloody Valentine

If you’re not in the mood for romance this Valentine’s Day, why not cuddle up with one of the best cult slasher pics of all time?

In My Bloody Valentine, a few teens are attempting to celebrate Valentine’s Day when their party is targeted by a violent murderer dressed in mining gear who won’t stop until they’re all dead. The movie is a Canadian cult classic, shot on location in famous Sydney Mines, Nova Scotia — one of the most well-known mining towns in the country.

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