Failed Sports Leagues

The Continental League of Professional Baseball Clubs

The Continental League was announced in 1959 as a proposed third professional baseball league, looking to get in on the proverbial cash machine that is America’s favorite pastime.

Five founding cities were announced (New York, Houston, Minneapolis-Saint Paul, Toronto, and Denver), the five founders invested $50K each, and the league was set in motion! But then, before a single pitch was thrown, the National League decided to expand in 1960, snuffing the Continental League flame before it had a chance to burn the house down.

The United Professional Softball League

The history of professional softball is short and relatively unknown.

The United Professional Softball League was founded in 1981, following the merger of the American Professional Slow Pitch League and the North American Softball League. The UPSL lasted just one season (1982), presumably because nobody wants to watch a bunch of dads play beer-league level sports with a novelty sized ball. Heck, even reading about it is boring. Let’s move on.

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Championship Gaming Series

For our final exploration into the history of failed sports leagues, we travel to the wonderful world of eSports. The Championship Gaming Series was a joint venture between DirecTV, British Sky Broadcasting, and STAR TV. Looking to cash in on the budding eSports phenomena, DirecTV opened up their wallets.


After all was said and done, the CGS lasted just two seasons before deciding to shut its doors in 2008. Why? Well, that remains unclear. Though many blame it on DirecTV’s merger with Liberty Media and the departure of the project’s leader, David Hill.

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