Every NHL Team’s Most Controversial Player

St. Louis Blues: Steve Ott

Prior to his appearance with Team Canada at the 2001 World Junior Championships, Ott studied up on his languages—after all, he had to be prepared to trash talk at every level of the tournament. Steve Ott takes agitation to an art, and if some fans would argue he takes it too far, there’s no arguing that he’s effective.

Tampa Bay Lightning: Brian Boyle

When he was playing with the Rangers, Boyle said he hated pretty much every other team in the league at one point or another. Boyle hits hard and he’s hard to play against, meaning most of the teams he called out feel the exact same way about him.

Vancouver Canucks: Alexander Burrows

Vancouver fans are especially brutal, and at any given point in the season you could justify putting pretty much any name from their roster on this list. Alexander Burrows gets the nod for managing to attract almost equal ire outside British Colombia (though you might want re-think giving him the finger).

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