Dumbest Things Ever Purchased in the Name of Luxury

What would you buy if you were rich? Would you spend your money on logical things like housing, food, charitable donations, and the like? Of course not! The whole point of being rich is having the ability to pay a ridiculous amount of money for crap you don’t need. Flaunting wealth is half of the fun of being wealthy in the first place, and nothing says “I’m rich” like a life-sized gold statue of yourself on the front lawn.

Of course, most likely, you aren’t rich. Truly rich people are hard to find, as most of us spend life stuck somewhere between the top and the bottom. With that in mind, it can be fun to look at the spending habits of the extremely wealthy to see what kind of extravagant purchases they have made over the years. The list below includes some of the dumbest items that have ever been purchased in the name of “luxury.”

Just a Standard Phone Case….

That has been covered in gold and diamonds. While almost all of us have a case of some kind to protect our expensive smartphones, what if the phone itself was by far the cheapest part of the equation? That would be the case if you placed your phone inside of this gold and diamond case that demands a shocking $16 million. There are almost no words for a phone case that costs more money than the vast majority of people will make in their entire lives.


Watch Out for Weeds

Fishing is a common pastime for people of all income levels, as there is something incredibly relaxing and peaceful about spending a day out on or around the water looking for the big one.


Usually, a fishing lure will cost just a few dollars, and the average fisherman will carry a selection within his tackle box. Of course, it might be hard to build a collection if you choose to shop for this lure, which is more than a foot long and weighs more than three pounds. However, size isn’t the only thing that makes this lure expensive – it’s covered in diamonds and rubies. With a price tag north of one million, you will likely be diving in after this beauty if it happens to get stuck in the weeds.


Play Ball!

Baseball may be the great American pastime, but that doesn’t mean it’s exempt from the absurdity of luxury that we are searching for on this list. In this case, that means a Hermes brand baseball glove, with a shocking retail price of more than $14,000. 25 man-hours go into the creation of this glove, and yet you will still have to do the work of running down the fly balls yourself. Even though baseball players today are paid incredible sums of money, even the top pros may balk at laying out more than fourteen grand for a glove.


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