Dorm Room Fun: Essential Video Games for College Dorms


This is where things start to get real. Every year, FIFA leads the charge in the soccer-simulation category. With each new iteration comes new teams, new game mechanics, new rosters, and entirely new ways in which to destroy your most meaningful relationships.

It’s more than just a soccer game. It’s the BEST soccer game on the planet, evidenced by their mind-blowing year-over-year sales numbers. Challenge a friend for some one-on-one, team up for two-on-twos, or partner up with a buddy and take your talent online. Either way, expect a lot of yelling.


Ahhh LittleBigPlanet. Easily one of the greatest four-player co-op, side-scrolling platformers ever made. In this PlayStation exclusive franchise, you and three of your friends play as a collection of adorable little fabric dolls in an attempt to jump, swing and problem solve your way to the finish line.

Each individual character is completely customizable, and each game has an online database of user-created levels, which guarantees hours upon hours of fresh content. If you’ve had enough of head-to-head gaming and are looking for some co-operative fun, you can certainly do much worse than this iconic platformer series.


Call of Duty: Zombies

I hesitated to include another first-person shooter on this list because the gaming market is just so darn saturated with them. But then I remembered how many summers me and my friends wasted, cooped up in a basement gunning down wave after wave of re-animated Nazis.

The Nazi Zombie phenomena began with Call of Duty: World at War and has grown in popularity ever since. In this action-packed side mode, you and your friends team up with the sole purpose of surviving for as long as possible. It’s just good old-fashioned arcade-style co-operative fun. And it offers a welcome respite from the straight up head-to-head couch competition games like Smash Bros. and FIFA. You know, for those times when you’d rather work together than duke it out.

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