Dorm Room Fun: Essential Video Games for College Dorms

Rock Band

Sometimes you need to shoot, hit, or strike your closest friends, you know … to blow off some steam. Other times, singing at the top of your lungs is just what the doctor ordered.

Rock Band has to be one of the most entertaining co-operative gaming experiences to come out of the 2000s. In it, you and up to four friends pick up your own instrument controller and jam out to your favorite tunes. Vocals, guitar, drums, bass, and even keyboard in the third game  — the game accurately emulates the experience of playing in an actual band.

What’s more, Rock Band’s song library is extensive (in the thousands as a matter of fact). So, you’ll no doubt find a few tracks that the whole band can agree on.

Super Smash Bros.

Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. crash-landed on the world of gaming back in 1999 and quickly became a pillar of the industry. The game pits your favorite Nintendo characters against each other in a fast-paced, skill-testing, fun-filled battle for supremacy.


International Smash tournaments abound, and local ones are just as common. Owning a copy of Smash will guarantee endless nights of dorm room battles. Owning a copy of Smash will also guarantee your dorm room popularity. Seriously, just yell, “SMASH TOURNEY” down the hall and watch as new friends magically appear.

Just Dance

If playing music isn’t exactly your thing, then perhaps you’d prefer to dance to it!

Just Dance releases a new dance-centric video game every year across pretty much all gaming platforms. The game plays a song, displays a dance routine on the screen, and then awards you and your friends’ points based on how successfully you can follow along. I know, it sounds simple, but it’s much more difficult in practice.

Though you do need motion sensor attachment for whatever gaming console you happen to be using and more space than you might have, Just Dance is great for dorm rooms because absolutely anyone can play. That is, if they’re brave enough.

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