Delete Facebook: The Best Alternatives to Facebook

Facebook has seen better days. It began with the earth shattering revelation that international data firm Cambridge Analytica secretly harvested the data of millions of American Facebook users in an attempt to sway the political landscape ahead of the 2016 Presidential Election. But the hits keep coming.

With the estimated number of affected users growing, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg sitting in the hot seat and #DeleteFacebook trending worldwide, daydreaming about what your post-Facebook life might look like is certainly warranted.

Yes, Facebook does a great job of providing a platform for buying stuff, sharing stuff, logging in to stuff, and connecting with your loved ones. But Facebook is far from your only online option.

Today, we take a look at some of the most popular alternatives to the social media behemoth to aid your post-Facebook digital life. Let’s go!


If you’re looking for a job, looking to hire someone, or just want to peruse motivational, business-centric articles and keep tabs on your friends and family, LinkedIn has you covered.


LinkedIn offers many of the same services as Facebook. You can message people, connect with people, and browse a personalized newsfeed quite easily. The difference though, is that LinkedIn is built for professionals. So, if you’re using LinkedIn, keep in mind that your selfies, status updates, and work history are being scrutinized by possible employers.

Keep it clean, keep it professional, and please, don’t spam people with Soundcloud links and donation requests. It’s a bad look.

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Large swaths of the users that have already ditched Facebook migrated to the innovative community oriented social media app, Amino. So what is it?

Amino is a series of apps that act as landing spots for like-minded geeks from all over the world. There are Anime communities, Minecraft communities, Cosplay communities, and more. Yes, the content is a bit geeky, but Amino’s ability to connect international users and build like-minded communities will certainly scratch your post-Facebook social media itch. They also raised $19 million in 2016, so they must be doing something right.

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Lego Life

Hardcore Lego fans are far from worried about connecting with their kin after the Facebook apocalypse goes down. That’s because Lego Life, the Lego-inspired social networking site, has been connecting Lego enthusiasts for a few years now.

The Lego Life app allows users to share builds, take quizzes, take part in challenges, and interact with other users in a safe, fun, and engaging way. No, you won’t be able to use Lego Life to share baby pictures. Unless, of course, you plan on building a Lego statue of your baby’s likeness. In that case, share on.

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