Dallas Cowboys Rumors: These Three Free Agent Running Backs And One Wide Receiver Could Be Options For Cowboys

Wes Welker – Wide Receiver

Unsigned free agent Wes Welker is an intriguing candidate to shore-up the Cowboys receiving corps. The once productive Texas Tech product would arrive in Dallas with limited upside and cache of risks. Let’s start with the gray matter. When we last saw Welker during the 2014 season, he was nursing a second concussion and trying to weasel his way out of a 4 game suspension. Yes, the dreaded Performance Enhancing Drug Policy. When Welker was finally reinstated by the League, the absence of the juice was obvious. In limited action, Welker caught under 300 yards on 34 passes. Ah, did we mention that the once stellar touchdown productivity diminished to ZERO on the year.

Jeffrey Beall / Own Work

Jeffrey Beall / Own Work

What would the Boys gain by adding Welker to the roster? For starters, Welker still has wheels at 34 years old. A versatile player, Wes could provide Dallas with a big punch on punt returns and first down situations. A proven leader, Welker could also bring some volume and vision into the Dallas locker room. Then again, Welker’s concussions may signal that his best days are over. We advise Dallas to put Jerry’s money to better use. We love you, Welker, but you’ve gone the way of our beloved Manning. Over the hill!


Dallas has some great options and opportunities on the free agent market. There’s plenty of upside among the men who did not find a space on an opening day roster. Unfortunately, Dallas isn’t the only team looking for some help to tidy a frayed roster. Dallas needs to move quickly before the leftovers are all that’s available in the free agent fridge. You hearing me, Jerry? Get out your fat checkbook and let some lettuce go for the good of the team.

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