The 2 Big Name Bears That Are On The Cowboys Trade Target


Let’s go ahead and admit the obvious: it’s a rough year for two of the NFL’s storied franchises. Injuries, age, poor management, and suspect coaching continue to stymie the Bears and the Cowboys. While an immediate fix is not in these franchises’ futures, some tweaks will certainly provide short term relief and set the stage for future gains.

Matt Forte could step-in immediately and solidify the Cowboys’ running game until Romo returns. Providing a spark on third down and offering McFadden a bit more room to operate could actually make the offensive a little more productive than it has been in recent weeks. While Forte is not going to bust open a 50 yarder on every play, he will make linebackers account for his presence.

As for Alshon Jeffery, the Cowboys would receive an immediate difference maker. With Romo at the helm, Jeffery could rival Dez for play-making ability. In fact, the pair would probably become the most productive wide receiver tandem in the league. Of course, Dallas would then face the quandary encountered by ever team loaded with playmakers. How do we keep everyone happy and everyone paid?

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