The 2 Big Name Bears That Are On The Cowboys Trade Target


With the Cowboys missing the services of Dez Bryant and Tony Romo, a little bit of panic has settled over Big D. After three consecutive losses including a shellacking at the hands of the Patriots, Dallas needs playmakers and needs theme ASAP. Where to turn? Chicago, of course, where the Bears continue their descent into sub-mediocrity.

This is a potential “win-win” for both franchises. With an influx of talent, the Boys may sustain a playoff drive until the headliners return. For the Bears, a purge of talent means a lot of space under the salary cap and the room to sign some young guns. Time will tell on this one. In the meantime, a productive 2015 campaign ticks away for both teams.
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1. Alshon Jeffery

Alshon Jeffery is a big receiver with a ton of upside. The South Carolina native dazzled in college with his tremendous hands and his ability to create separation on the way to the end zone. With terrific speed for a big receiver, Alshon can punish smaller defensive backs for position on jump balls and overthrown passes. Alshon is also deceptively fast. Give him an opening, and he has the potential to take one all the way to the house.

In the early days of his professional career, Jeffery was often criticized for valuing athleticism over scheme. Encouraged by his coaches to hone his film room and playbook routines, Jeffery has improved his game in subsequent seasons with the Bears. While his production declined slightly during the 2014 season, it still appears that Jeffery’s best days are ahead of him.

What would the Cowboys gain in a trade for Alshon Jeffery? A difference maker to compliment Dez Bryant, who can keep the ball moving downfield. Although Alshon’s had a little bit of an injury bug over the years, he’s proven that he is durable, can take a hit, and can keep on playing the game. Remember the cast? Jeffery could benefit from a fat contract, and a long-term relationship with a team teetering on the cusp of elite status.


We love Jeffery’s personality, too. Any player who’s willing to give a fans a share in his future winnings is our kind of playa. As a humble, emerging leader in the locker room, Jeffery would be bring immediate credibility and guts to the Cowboys’ roster. Sign this guy immediately, and then pat yourselves on the back for making such a damn good move.

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2. Matt Forte

While Matt Forte was an often overlooked recruit during his high school days, he turned some heads in college. Recruited in the second round of the 2008 draft after an impressive college campaign at Tulane, Forte has made his mark with the Bears as a dependable back. Averaging over 4.2 yards per carry during his 8 ½ years and running in the league, Forte continues to epitomize productivity. And boy do we love Forte in short yard situations. When you need 3 yards, this big back will give you 4.

If there’s a major concern about Forte, it’s a doozy. Matt is a running back over the age of 30. In a league that punishes ball carriers with vicious hits, Forte’s best years as a back may be far behind him. As is the case with all running backs, no one knows for sure when Matt Forte’s legs will quit. Remember LT a few years ago? He went from 50 down to 0 in no time. When will Forte’s motor really begin to sputter?

That said, the Cowboys are not necessarily looking for another Darren McFadden in the backfield. What they need while all the “talent” recovers from injuries, is someone to give the team 8-10 carries per game to keep the remaining talent from taking a beating. Matt Forte is primed to take on this role at a price that will not flood the Cowboys’ salary cap room.

And another thing… Forte is an altar boy among pro players. Unafraid to wear his evangelical Christianity on his shirt sleeve, Forte continues to dazzle as a positive role model in a league that’s beleaguered by a reputation of enabling thugs and coddling abusers.
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