Creepiest Wikipedia Pages

Anyone who has ever been bored has probably indulged in the time-honored pastime of Wikipedia diving — hopping from article to article on Wikipedia and learning about the mysteries of life. However, if you’re doing this at night, there are pages that you don’t want to click on. These articles are so creepy that they’ll make your skin crawl. If you’re interested in the more macabre mysteries of life, here are a few pages for you to check out.

1. Carl Tanzler

Carl Tanzler was a German doctor who was employed at a Marine Hospital in Key West, Florida in the early part of the 20th century. He became obsessed with one of his patients, Maria Elena Milagro de Hoyos, a beautiful young woman who eventually died of tuberculosis in his care. Before her death, he gave her presents of jewelry and clothing, and he spent every night at her graveside after her death. Eventually he disinterred her body, and brought it to his home, where he used plaster, rags, perfume, and chemicals to preserve it. He lived with the body for seven years until he was discovered.

2. The Hinterkaifeck Murders

The Hinterkaifeck murders are a set of unsolved mysteries that took place in a farmhouse in Germany in 1922. One night at the end of March, the entire family of five plus their maid was killed by an axe. One child remained alive for several hours after the rest of her family died, but eventually succumbed to her injuries. No one knows why or how it happened, but police reports revealed that the house was inhabited for several days after their deaths as neighbors saw smoke coming from the chimney and the farm animals were fed.

3. Ricky McCormick

Ricky McCormick was a young man who was found dead in a Missouri cornfield in 1999. Although the circumstances of his death were mysterious since his body was already severely decomposed even though he had only been dead two days, what was found in his pockets was much stranger. McCormick was practically illiterate yet there were two well-written encrypted notes found in his pockets. The notes were given to the FBI and the American Cryptogram Association, and neither organization could solve the cipher. It remains unsolved to this day.

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