Cooking with the Strange: The Strangest Cookbooks

Cooking with A Serial Killer

Serial killers have to eat too! Shane Bugbee’s Cooking with a Serial Killer plucks down-home recipes straight from the personal cookbook of notorious mass murderer Dorothea Puente. Puente, of course, was convicted of murdering a number of the mentally disabled tenants of her boarding house and cashing their Social Security checks.

The book was co-written with the killer herself. She had shared her recipes with the author as she was serving her sentence.


SPAM – The Cookbook

I’m not sure which is more revolting, SPAM – The Cookbook or the one about cannibalism. On second thought, SPAM – The Cookbook is definitely worse. I must be in the minority though, because Marguerite Patten’s SPAM cookbook garnered bestseller status in the U.S.

The book includes SPAM trivia, SPAM anecdotes, and SPAM recipes including Thai SPAM cakes, SPAM Steaks in Port Wine, and SPAM Fritters. Here’s a SPAM anecdote of my very own: one time, as a child, I went to a friend’s house for dinner and they served me SPAM Fritters and I cried.

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