Cooking with the Strange: The Strangest Cookbooks

Microwave Cooking for One

Easily the most unintentionally depressing book of all time, Microwave Cooking for One was released in 1999 and written by Marie T. Smith. For just $20, you can enjoy home-nuked recipes like the Onion Hamburger, Egg Parmesan, and even Peanut Brittle.

The only thing more enjoyable than knowing that this book actually exists in the real world are reading the Amazon product reviews. It also makes an incredible gag gift come Christmas time.

Entertaining with Insects

Have you been pressured to host a dinner party and wish to ensure that it never, ever happens again? Well, have I got the cookbook for you.

Entertaining With Insects, or: The Original Guide to Insect Cookery brings you the very best in the world of insect cuisine. Have your dinner guests running for the exits with one-of-a-kind dishes like Beetle Sausage or Earthworm Patties Supreme.


Or, why not try my favorite: Basic Cooked Insects. Simply scrounge up a cup of whatever insects you can find in your backyard and boil them in two cups of water with butter, chopped onion, and sage. Just, don’t forget the sage, OK? Without it, you might as well just eat a bowl of bugs.

The Gourmet’s Cannibal Cookbook

For those yearning to elevate their human flesh repertoire, there’s The Gourmet’s Cannibal Cookbook.

If you find the book’s title more than a little unsettling, than you should probably avoid opening it altogether, because what’s inside is much, much worse. The book offers diagrams of prime cuts and more. I’d love to tell you more about the book but quite frankly, I’m a little creeped out right now.

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