Changing the Game: The Most Influential Novels

There are plenty of ways that humans can learn about ourselves, and our history, but novels and the written word are some of the best ways that we have found to record our long and varied history. If you want to know about the way humans have viewed themselves over the years, all you need to do is pick up a book.

Any book will give you a snapshot of the time when, and the place where, it was written, but some are more influential than others. If you want to boost your reading list, here are some of the best and most influential novels of all time.

The Republic – Plato

Plato’s The Republic, which was written around 380 BCE, is the most eminent Socratic dialogue ever recorded. In the book, Socrates, and his student Plato, discuss what it means to be right and just, in a world that is completely dominated by great and powerful men.

The book is simply a written record and synthesis of their discussions, but it has become one of the most influential novels of all time because of the scope and breadth of their conversations. All modern philosophers are simply building upon these early explorations.