Celebrity Endorsed Products That Made a Ton of Money

Sometimes, starring in hit movies and TV shows, or playing many seasons on a top-ranked sports team just isn’t enough. Many celebrities choose to fill their time with endorsement deals that keep the money rolling in for years or even decades after they leave the spotlight.

There have been a whole host of endorsement deals that were wildly unsuccessful (remember Rachael Ray’s controversial Dunkin Donuts commercial?), but many luckier celebrities have gone on to attain even more fame through their choice of endorsements.

Here’s a list of a few that worked out super well for the celebrity spokesperson:

The Foreman Grill

Most kids growing up in the 90s don’t have to be reminded of what a success the Foreman Grill was for George Foreman. Formally titled the “George Foreman Lean Mean Fat-Reducing Grilling Machine”, it has sold over 100 million units across the globe since its introduction in 1994.

Although George Foreman has an Olympic gold medal for boxing, and was a world champion for many years, most people remember his big, smiling face primarily from the infomercials that played almost every evening. You’d see him enthusiastically promoted the grill with his signature catchphrase “It’s so good I put my name on it!

Michael Shick
Michael Shick