"If It's Worth Doing, It's Worth Overdoing.” - AYN RAND

Craziest Celebrity Endorsements

While the paychecks in Hollywood are undoubtedly gigantic, the truth is that the cost of the celebrity lifestyle is rising rapidly. It’s not enough for celebs to shoot a blockbuster movie, TV show, or music video and go home. Now, celebrities must be constantly engaged in a cycle of promotional activity in service to the…

The Forgotten: Words that Have Been Lost to Time

Not all the words on this list should have been forgotten. There are a lot of gems on here that definitely deserve a spot in your day-to-day vocabulary. Today, we pour a shot of alphabet soup on the curb in honor of the words that have been lost to time.

Biggest Game Show Scandals

When you look through the history of the ever-popular genre, a few notable scandals rise to the top. Today, we take a look at some of the most talked-about game show scandals in the history of blinking lights, scantily clad sidekicks, and cash prizes.

7 Saddest Movie Scenes Ever Made

Grab that tissue box, favorite blanket, and some aspirin for the headache afterward. Here is the best of the best when it comes to sad movie scenes.

The Biggest Theatrical Flops of All Time

Plenty of plays and musicals have been canceled even though their budgets hit the tens of millions. Let’s check out some of the biggest theatrical flops in history.

The Weirdest Things Sent to Space

Since Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin launched into space in April 1961, the world has been obsessed with traveling in the universe. Along the way, others have followed in Gagarin’s footsteps. In addition to going to space, they’ve brought some interesting and crazy items along for the ride.

12 Animals With Superpowers

The comic book industry has long looked to the natural world to glean inspiration for the superpowers for their superheroes. Awe-inspiring abilities like infrared sight, super-strength, or camouflage have existed in the real-world for eons.

10 Evilest Women in History

Whether it’s brutal torture or murder of dozens of innocents, history is littered with women that commit crimes and are either caught or have faded away into legend. Here are some stories of the evilest women in history.

Most Famous Dogs in History

Throughout history, human beings have turned to dogs for companionship, protection, and service. However, humans never seem to be able to give dogs back as much as they give us. So we honor them by remembering their love and sacrifice and telling their stories to inspire us to love the ordinary dogs in our own lives.