"If It's Worth Doing, It's Worth Overdoing.” - AYN RAND

The Best Bromances on TV

One of the best parts of television is watching a friendship blossom over the course of episodes, seasons, and sometimes even different series. Seeing these friendships in their various forms shows us that there’s no wrong way to be a friend as long as it starts with a basis of love and support. Moreover, it gives us encouragement that there’s really a kindred spirit out there for everyone.

Rich and Famous: NHL Stars Dating Celebrities

Male athletes from all different parts of the sports world tend to hook up with beautiful models and actresses. The land of hockey is no exception to this rule.

7 Pieces of Advice Celebrities Want to Tell Their Younger Selves

If you are in need of a boost, pick-me-up, or some good old-fashioned advice, then read this advice that celebrities wish they could have relayed to their younger selves.

No Limit: The Longest Matches in Sports

In sports, everything has a time limit. However, there are matches that have no limit. Matches that land in the history books as the longest ever.

No Bones About It: The Oldest Human Fossils

As we keep discovering more fossils and developing better ways to date them, there’s a wealth of information that, every now and then, shakes the archaeological world.

The 12 Most Famous Celebrity Meltdowns

For Hollywood A-listers, receiving copious amounts of public attention often means that you’re at the pinnacle of your career. You have created something that people really enjoy and are willing to pay for. However, for some stars, public attention only comes when they begin to break down.

The 11 Most Controversial On-Set Feuds

There’s a lot that goes into the making of a film, especially in Hollywood. Today, studios are willing to sink millions of dollars into movies that they believe promise a likely return on their investment. Everything from craft services to promotions is carefully budgeted. However, what remains a wild card is how the cast and…

Most Heroic Animal Rescues

Occasionally, we’ll hear stories about animals going above and beyond in their care of human beings and acting in a way that we would never expect. Here are some of the best stories of heroic animal rescues.

Mistakes That Almost Ruined Major Theatrical Performances

Have you ever been to a live theater event when something goes completely wrong? It’s not unusual for even the most successful show to have some disastrous performances. Accidents happen.