Busted: The Biggest Failed Drug Tests

It’s a tale as old as time. No, not that one. The one where the uber-successes athlete, champion of champions, is outed as a scientifically modified cheater. Then comes the feelings of betrayal, the outrage, and, at least for the athlete, rock bottom.

Though in some cases our outrage is a tag overblown, it’s hard to blame us fans too much. We’ve spent millions on jersey’s, sneakers, and popcorn chicken with the belief that it brings us closer to greatness. We believed it was Nikes, Monster Energy Drinks, and the love of the game that fueled our sports’ favorite champions. Not, you know, some space-aged chemical bubbled up in a lab somewhere off-shore. We have a right to be upset.

Then again, it’s not as if us fans have no recourse. Cheaters get shunned, stripped of their achievements, and exhibited as a cautionary tale to any other man, woman, or child who may one day consider fabricating greatness.

Today, we explore some of the biggest failed drug tests in the history of sport. Let’s go!

Barry Bonds

You knew this one was coming as soon as you clicked the headline. The feds began sniffing around Barry Bonds when it was discovered that he had connections to known performance enhancing drug distributor BALCO in 2003.

After multiple court dates, a few testy interviews, and a tell-all book, it was determined that yes, Bonds did indeed take performance enhancing drugs. The decision still haunts Bonds who, despite multiple world records, still waits for the Hall of Fame call.

Joe Seer / Shutterstock