Breaking Down Marvel’s Fresh Start

Multiple Man

Another miniseries coming out this year is Multiple Man, which follows the story of Jamie Madrox, a mutant with the ability to create unlimited copies of himself. He’s appeared in several X-Men comics before, but this is his first solo series. Although Multiple Man was presumed dead as a result of the Terrigen Mists in the Death of X event, the first comic of the new series reveals that he was just resting, and has returned in a weakened state.

From writer Matthew Rosenberg and artist Andy MacDonald, this new five-part miniseries is hitting comic book stores in July.


Quicksilver: No Surrender

Pietro Maximoff’s Quicksilver returns this summer in a new five-part miniseries called Quicksilver: No Surrender, written by Saladin Ahmed and illustrated by Eric Nguyen. The series follows Quicksilver after the Avengers: No Surrender event, as he struggles to get off a frozen world before he’s hunted down by an alien monster. This new series is a rare opportunity to learn more about this character that has only been a sidekick until now.


X-23 is a chance for fans to explore the brand-new Wolverine before she donned the Wolverine mantel. The new comic book series follows the fierce Laura Kinney as she struggles to find her place in the world while wrestling with her new identity. Being written by Mariko Tamaki, with art by Juann Cabal, the book will vary in tone slightly from Tom Laylor and David Lopez’s work on All-New Wolverine.

Look for the new X-23 to come out this July.

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