Breaking Down Marvel’s Fresh Start

The Life of Captain Marvel

The Life of Captain Marvel is one of the first chances that we’ve gotten to explore Carol Danver’s past, and writer Margaret Stohl and artist Carlos Pachecho promise tons of information about her early life, and the chance encounter that gave her superpowers.

We also get to see Captain Marvel struggle with anxiety and find out what happens when a superhero is sidelined by their human emotions. Danvers goes back to her hometown of Boston to process her feelings, but the skeletons that she digs up will have an irrevocable impact on her future, and the future of the Avengers.

This series is set to release July 4th along with Marvel’s other captain.

The Fantastic Four

Although movies and series featuring the Fantastic Four haven’t always been top sellers, they hold a revered place in the hearts of comic books fans everywhere. After all, this series was dreamed up by none other than Stan Lee himself in 1961. This Fresh Start initiative will see a whole new series focused on the Fantastic Four, which will follow the group’s reunion after Reed and Sue Richards’ journey to rebuild the multiverse.

On sale this coming August, this series is written Dan Slott, with art by Sara Pichelli.

Cosmic Ghost Rider

One of the only series to be released by Marvel as part of the Fresh Start initiative that isn’t focused on an existing superhero is Cosmic Ghost Rider, a brand new superhero that spans the gap between existing multiverse characters. Confused? We’ll explain.

Cosmic Ghost Rider is actually a resurrected, future version of Frank Castle, who was formerly known as the Punisher before his death. However, Castle isn’t satisfied with his role as a flaming-bike-riding badass, and eventually he’ll take on a role once held by the Silver Surfer.

Although fans who’ve read Donny Cates’ current storyline in Thanos will know this story already, seeing it will be something else. Plus, the art by Dylan Burnett will not disappoint. This series will be released July 4th.

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