Breaking Down Marvel’s Fresh Start


The new Deadpool series follows our favorite foul-mouthed, regenerating superhero as he’s struggling to get his mercenary-for-hire business back on track after his despicable turn in Secret Empire, all while gearing up to fight a catastrophic threat that’s headed right towards Earth.

Expect great things from writer Skottie Young, who has already shown that he can channel Deadpool’s characteristic deadpan humor. This fresh start comic series lands in your local comic book store on June 6th.



Although the mantle of Thor was taken up by Jane Foster in The Mighty Thor, this fresh take on Thor sees Odinson finally reclaim Mjolnir in order to defend Asgardia against its enemies after the events of the critically-acclaimed Death of the Might Thor story. This series will follow Thor on his quest to reclaim several ancient Asgardian artifacts — Mike Del Mundo’s stunning cover of the first issue teases a few which looks pretty awesome — which were lost on Earth. It’s even rumored that he’ll encounter the Unstoppable Juggernaut in his travels.

This new Thor series is being written by Jason Aaron, the writer behind Jane Foster’s run as Thor, and will be released on June 13th.

Ant-Man and the Wasp

The newest adventures of Ant-Man and The Wasp come to us in June 2018, and will follow Scott Lang, the Ant-Man, as he struggles in his microscopic form through the Microverse. But his only means of survival is Nadia Pym, the Wasp!

Creators Mark Waid and Javier Garron are both excited for the release of their five-part miniseries and are confident that fans will enjoy the comedic dynamic between these two tiny heroes.

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