Box Office Delight: Highest Grossing Films of 2017

With the recent release of the Oscar nominations, now is a great time to look back at all the movies that we enjoyed in 2017 and see how they stack up.

Box office gross isn’t necessarily an indication of a movie’s quality, but it does tell us how many people went to go see it in theaters. And in an era where any movie can be downloaded almost instantly, that figure is still pretty significant.

If you missed any of these movies in theaters, try and catch them before the Oscars so you can see how they stack up to the winners.

1. Beauty and the Beast

Disney’s newest offering in their live-action series hit their target demographic — that is, everyone — perfectly. Produced by Walt Disney Pictures and Mandeville Films, Beauty and the Beast made $1.26 billion worldwide, which is pretty remarkable considering the budget was only $160 million.

The film tells the story of a prince who was turned into a hideous beast, and his quest to win over the lovely Belle, in order to break the curse that was placed on him as a young man. The film was praised for its design, as well as the performances of the two leads, Emma Watson and Dan Stevens. The music was updated and modernized by Alan Menken, the same composer who scored the original animated film.