Biggest TV Cancellations of 2018

Life Sentence

Following the success of Pretty Little Liars, star Lucy Hale went on to lead the CW series Life Sentence, which followed a woman who was recently cured of terminal cancer and now has to learn to live with the choices she made when she thought she was about to die. The show premiered as a midseason entry, and never really found its groove. Many critics found the show too sweet and thought that it avoided the complex issues surrounding illness. It was cancelled after its first season.

Great News

America loves “behind the scenes” shows, and Tracey Wigfield’s first solo show after her writing stint on 30 Rock was meant to be a look inside the drama and comedy of cable newsrooms. Her show Great News, starring Briga Heelan and veteran comedian Andrea Martin, followed a young producer whose network hires her mother as their latest intern.

The show was extremely hit and miss. There were several hilarious episodes which were coupled with others that were cringe-inducing and tone-deaf. Even a five-episode guest appearance by executive producer Tina Fey couldn’t save the show as it was cancelled after the second season.


The Quad

The Quad was a show about a fictional HBCU called Georgia A&M University, and the executives and administrators that work there. The first episode of the show was a two-hour pilot movie which aired on BET on February 1, 2017, and it was renewed for a second season just a few months later. Even though Broadway legend Anika Noni Rose headed up a talented cast, the show never topped one million viewers for any episode and was cancelled in April 2018.

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