Biggest TV Cancellations of 2018

The Last Man on Earth

The Last Man on Earth was a Fox series about the last living man on Earth after a virus wipes out the rest of the population. The show was created by and starred SNL alum Will Forte, along with Phil Lord and Christopher Miller — the same guys who wrote and directed The Lego Movie and 21 Jump Street.

Despite the reputations of the comedians writing the show, its ratings slowly declined until it was barely reaching two million viewers per episode. Fox cancelled the show in order to focus on its other comedies, but there has been some talk that Hulu could pick up the show and give the cliff-hanger finale a fitting resolution.

The Mayor

It’s not surprising if you never heard of the short-lived show The Mayor while it was on the air. Even though ABC marketed it aggressively, there were just so many other political dramas on at the same time that this show about a rapper running for mayor as a PR move failed to make any kind of impact on viewers, even though it had primetime stars Lea Michele and Yvette Nicole Brown as series leads. It was cancelled after its 13-episode first season, which freed lead actor Brandon Micheal Hall up to star in the pilot for a show called God Friended Me.


The Mick

Kaitlin Olson, who first made a name for herself on the TV show It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, was the executive producer and star of the Fox show The Mick, where she played a very similar character to the one that first made her famous in Always Sunny.

The show follows a hard-partying woman who is forced to raise her three nieces and nephews after her sister and brother-in-law flee the country. Although it was picked up for a second season after an “intermittently funny” first season, its ratings continued to decline, and Olson’s comedic style wasn’t enough to save the show.

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