Biggest Toy Fads of the ‘90s

Was there a better decade to be a kid in than the ‘90s? We think not. In what other era could a kid make and eat their own cookies, hatch and raise their own offspring and instantly play back a recording of their brother saying a bad word to get him in trouble? Here are some of the raddest toys from the 1990s that we totally still play with if we had them today.

Beanie Babies

Some might say one of the biggest financial busts of the ‘90s was the dot com craze, but we say it was the great Beanie Baby Bubble. Admit it, you still have a box of these taking up space in your parents’ basement in hopes that one day they really will be the good investment 8-year-old you thought they’d be.


Proving to kids everywhere just how hard it actually is to be a parent, Tamagotchis were a handheld digital pet that you could hatch, care for and grow in the palm of your hand. You will never forgive your fourth grade teacher for killing Fluffy when she wouldn’t let you feed him during that math test.

Easy Bake Oven

Easy Bake Ovens have been around since 1963, but for some reason the demand for food cooked by a 60 watt lightbulb peaked in the 1990s. Giving kids unlimited access to sugar and second degree burns was a really good idea.

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