Best and Worst Movies Based on Comic Books

There are thousands of reasons why comic books get adapted into movies all the time. Their graphic nature lends itself perfectly the creation of a movie with bold and visionary design, and most of the time, they already come with a fanbase eager to see more character development and storylines. However, the quality of the movie still depends on the directing and producing team, regardless of how successful the comic. Here’s a compilation of some of the best and worst comic book movies of all time.

Best: 300 (2006)

While Frank Miller’s 300 was first a graphic novel before a movie, Zack Synder’s 2006 adaptation has far surpassed the graphic novel it was based on in popularity. Going on to become a fan-favorite of both action and comic book fans.

300 perfectly captured the art of the book, in some cases creating shot-for-shot remakes of images that could be found in the novel. The film was primarily shot on a sound stage with the exception of single setting which was filmed on location, allowing the post-production artists to manipulate the images to look like they sprang to life from the pages of Miller’s novel.

Unfortunately, the prequel movie 300: Rise of an Empire didn’t fare so well in the box office, and was critically panned.