Wait, They’re Married? Celebrities Who Kept Their Wedding a Secret

From Meghan Markle’s royal nuptials to George Clooney’s fairytale union, everyone loves a celebrity wedding. Although some stars are quite alright with fans and paparazzi crashing their big day, some would rather keep the whole thing a big secret. Such a secret, in fact, that people don’t find out about the wedding until months or even years later.

Celebrities with Interesting Jobs

Celebrity life can change in an instant. One day, you’re selling out tickets to a packed stadium. The next, you’re serving up grilled cheese at a Denny’s in Idaho. Although it’s tough to predict a fall from fame, smart celebrities do their best to prepare well in advance. For stars that understand how quickly an…

4 Celebrity Weddings We Want in 2019

2018 was the year of some of the most high-profile celebrity weddings of all time. From Harry and Meghan to Hailey and Justin, stargazers may think it’s tough to out-do last year’s nuptials. But you’ll be excited to know there are a few more power couples that’ll probably tie the knot very soon. So, here’s our list of four celebrity weddings we want in 2019.

Movies That Were Filmed in Canada

Thanks to Canada’s lackluster loonie, many Hollywood productions – both TV and film – are filmed in Canada. In fact, over 1,500 Hollywood flicks were shot in Canada over the last decade. Vancouver and Toronto are the two most used Canadian locations. One for its resemblance to middle America, and the other for its uncanny similarities to New York City.