Sports Stars with Hearts of Gold

Although the work that it takes to become a professional athlete seems like it would leave a lot of people desperate for some rest and relaxation, there are a few caring sports stars who think beyond their own needs.

In Defense of Gold Diggers

In the 40's, If a woman desired a luxurious lifestyle, the only choice she had was who she married. In our modern world, when a woman is in a romantic relationship with a more financially secure man, she is almost always automatically labelled a gold digger.

The 19 Most Outrageous Things You Won’t Believe Donald Trump Has Said

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The 7 Richest Pirates in History

In the 1500s, clever sailors discovered another way of earning money other than carrying cargo over the sea. Many who began their trade on the sea in a legitimate way soon realized that they could make more money by hiring themselves out as privateers.

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