13 Most Expensive AirBnBs in California

If you’re taking a vacation to California, renting out an apartment or home on AirBnB is a natural choice when it comes to your accommodations. There are tons of options for every budget, but for a truly luxurious experience, choose a rental from the list below.

Most Expensive Dog Breeds

A well-trained dog can be an asset to anyone’s life, but getting one isn’t always easy. Some dogs are known for being more expensive than others, and breeding associations around the world zealously guard the purity of top breeds.

Celebrity Endorsed Products That Made a Ton of Money

Sometimes, starring in hit movies and TV shows, or playing many seasons on a top-ranked sports team just isn’t enough. Many celebrities choose to fill their time with endorsement deals that keep the money rolling in for years or even decades after they leave the spotlight.

America’s Richest Rednecks

Many people who live in the American South have proudly reclaimed the word redneck. Now, there are tons of TV shows that invite us into the lives of the proud rednecks of the America. And, tons of them have made a whole lot of money cashing those fat network cheques.

Sports Stars with Hearts of Gold

Although the work that it takes to become a professional athlete seems like it would leave a lot of people desperate for some rest and relaxation, there are a few caring sports stars who think beyond their own needs.

In Defense of Gold Diggers

In the 40's, If a woman desired a luxurious lifestyle, the only choice she had was who she married. In our modern world, when a woman is in a romantic relationship with a more financially secure man, she is almost always automatically labelled a gold digger.

The 19 Most Outrageous Things You Won’t Believe Donald Trump Has Said

Although these outrageous Donald Trump quotes are funny to laugh it, it’s important to remember that he’s actually hoping to run in a Presidential election next year. The only way we can stop that from happening is to treat him like the clown he is!

The 7 Richest Pirates in History

In the 1500s, clever sailors discovered another way of earning money other than carrying cargo over the sea. Many who began their trade on the sea in a legitimate way soon realized that they could make more money by hiring themselves out as privateers.

9 Rich People Who’ve Been Busted for Tax Evasion

Problems arise when rich people “forget” to pay taxes on the millions, or even billions, they’ve earned over the year. Today’s lesson: The IRS always wins.