Craziest Celebrity Endorsements

While the paychecks in Hollywood are undoubtedly gigantic, the truth is that the cost of the celebrity lifestyle is rising rapidly. It’s not enough for celebs to shoot a blockbuster movie, TV show, or music video and go home. Now, celebrities must be constantly engaged in a cycle of promotional activity in service to the…

The Biggest Theatrical Flops of All Time

Plenty of plays and musicals have been canceled even though their budgets hit the tens of millions. Let’s check out some of the biggest theatrical flops in history.

10 Evilest Women in History

Whether it’s brutal torture or murder of dozens of innocents, history is littered with women that commit crimes and are either caught or have faded away into legend. Here are some stories of the evilest women in history.

Most Famous Dogs in History

Throughout history, human beings have turned to dogs for companionship, protection, and service. However, humans never seem to be able to give dogs back as much as they give us. So we honor them by remembering their love and sacrifice and telling their stories to inspire us to love the ordinary dogs in our own lives.

Games Done Slow: The Longest Speed Runs Ever Recorded

A speed run is when a gamer will try and complete a video game in a record amount of time. For avid gamers, a speed run is the perfect opportunity to test their abilities.

Most Popular Fan Theories About Disney Movies

If there’s one thing we know about Disney, it’s that the creative geniuses behind their films know how to surprise us. One of the best things an animator can do is insert little Easter eggs into their animated movies that can only be noticed by most detail-oriented fans. These hidden gems often take the form…

The Youngest Oscar Contenders in History

Even though 15 seems extraordinarily young to be nominated for an Oscar, there are a number of other young performers who have been nominated. And several that have even won.

The Best Crossover TV Episodes of All Time

Crossover episodes are a unique opportunity for writers of a television show to expand their universe and introduce their audience to characters from another show. Plus, crossover episodes give both shows a boost in ratings. As more and more TV spinoffs are produced, it’s likely we’ll see more of this phenomenon. Today we’re going to…

The Most Anticipated TV Finales Ever

In the past, other beloved TV shows have kept fans on the edge of their seats for decades. So, when the time comes to say goodbye, everyone who ever watched turns out to see what happens in the end.