8 Most Expensive Pieces of Terrible Art

Cars, homes, and passport stamps are every billionaire’s favorite collection items. The mega-rich spend millions on their exquisite homes, rare cars, and all-inclusive vacations, and understandably so.

10 Luxurious Things Rich People Have in Their Homes

If there’s one thing the rich and famous love to spend money on, it’s their homes. Whether it be their first home, second villa, or favorite vacation spot, everyone’s favorite billionaires have no qualms when it comes to spending the equivalent of your annual salary on a rug.

9 Most Expensive Liquors Money Can Buy  

If there’s one thing the elite love to do, it’s drink. However, while most of us run to the liquor store to grab a 12 pack of our favorite American brews or a handle of moderately priced liquor, the rich and famous order their gold-plated, decades old, decadent beverages for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

12 Best Celebrity Dads

It’s tough being a celebrity, but tougher being a parent. As a celebrity, one only has to worry about one’s self—making sure that all those images being displayed on the tabloids are positive and not of the mug shot variety.

11 Most Notorious Celebrity Breakups

The public’s fascination with the breakups of rich and famous couples extends at least back to the 16th Century when King Henry VIII. While today’s celebrity breakups don’t tend to lead to war, the fireworks that often ensue can serve to make the participants just as notorious.

12 Craziest Things Kanye West Has Ever Done

Most celebrities nurture a little bit of “wild side” to enhance their public mystique, and Kanye West is no exception. But his antics over the Valentine’s Day weekend had many people scratching their heads wondering whether Kanye might be more “crazy” than just “wild.”

8 Popular Celebs Everyone Used to Hate

Being in the public eye means constantly being scrutinized for your choices, your clothing, your behavior, your friends, your relationships, the way you raise your children, your religious beliefs and practices and so much more.

9 Celebs Whose Relationships Made Them Famous

We have to admit, we’re actually ridiculously surprised at the number of celebs whose relationships made them famous. As we started building this list, we realized that the majority of them are related to the Keeping Up With the Kardashians clan – surprise, surprise

14 Most Hated Celebs Everyone Used to Love

It doesn’t take much for a celebrity to fall off their pedestal in the public eye. Poor behavior, accusations, and arrests can turn America’s sweetheart into America’s Most Hated Celeb in the blink of an eye (Bill Cosby, we’re looking at you).