7 Most Notorious Celebrity Feuds of All Time

In Hollywood, if there’s one thing that’s bigger than the bank accounts, it’s the egos. Because of this, celebrities unsurprisingly find themselves at each other’s throats more often than not, each one jockeying for a bigger spot in the limelight.

‘90s Child Stars Who Are Still Acting Today

When you enjoy success at a young age in Hollywood, it can often be quite difficult to sustain a lasting career. For one, it’s possible that audiences will always think of you as that plucky young kid – just ask someone like Jonathan Lipnicki.

15 Richest Supermodels of 2016

When you look at the money the world’s supermodels earn, one thing becomes instantly clear: It’s good to be a supermodel! Sure, it takes skill, finesse, stamina and patience to make it in the fast-paced world of modeling, but those who can brave the storm stand to reap some truly astounding financial benefits.

7 Most Expensive Things Ever Purchased on eBay

eBay is great. It’s an ideal place to search for any number of things, from popular consumer goods to hard-to-find items that you need to fill in a set or fix something that has broken.

8 Valuable Toys From Your Childhood You Should’ve Held Onto

Kids love toys – that isn’t breaking news. Even at just a few months old, kids show an affinity for their favorite toys, and things only grow from there.

Dumbest Things Ever Purchased in the Name of Luxury

What would you buy if you were rich? Would you spend your money on logical things like housing, food, charitable donations, and the like? Of course not! The whole point of being rich is having the ability to pay a ridiculous amount of money for crap you don’t need.

9 of the Most Successful Film Adaptations of Terrible Books

It’s a constant refrain. You tell someone that you liked a particular movie, only to have him or her ask, “Well, have you read the book? It’s SO MUCH better!”

13 ‘Rich’ People Who Are Poorer Than You Think

When you’re a famous person, people automatically assume that you’re rich. However, converting fame (or success in business) into long-term sustainable wealth is much easier said than done.

13 Child Stars Who Grew Up Normal

When you combine the unique difficulties of fame with the universal struggles of childhood and growing up, you often have a recipe for disaster. You know the tabloid stories. You’ve read all about Lindsay Lohan’s brutal descent into addiction and substance abuse.