Are You Afraid of the Dark? 5 True Ghost Stories That Will Haunt Your Dreams

4. The Amityville Horror

Ever hear of this little old horror movie called The Conjuring? How about The Nun? Annabelle? And have you noticed how most of the movies that make up The Conjuring universe include a note at the beginning about the films being inspired by true events? Well, those true events are immortalized in the terrifying classic, The Amityville Horror.

The book (and the film series), detail the exploits of paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren. Now, Ed and Lorraine Warren have made a gigantic contribution to the study of the paranormal, but The Amityville Horror is certainly their opus.

The true-story details the trials and tribulations of the Lutz family, who move in to a home that had, 13-months earlier, been the scene of a horrific, mass-murder. What follows is an incredibly well-documented series of hauntings based on hours of tape-recordings and first-hand witness accounts. It’s a timeless classic that will certainly have you and your SO sleeping with the lights on until your desk calendar flips over to November.

5. The Stanley Hotel

The 100-plus-year-old Stanley Hotel in Colorado is creepy in its own right. After all, a one-night stay in the historic building inspired horror guru Stephen King to pen The Shining. Spoiler alert: The Shining was a success and was later brought to life by Stanley Kubrick. Naturally, Kubrick opted to film the movie at The Stanley Hotel.

Since hosting the cast and crew of The Shining in 1980, it’s been business as usual for the staff and guests of The Stanley. And, by business as usual, I obviously mean that there have been an unending barrage of ghost sightings and paranormal activity.

Take this story for example. One day, a family from nearby Aurora, Colorado decided to tempt fate by attending one of The Stanley Hotel’s world-famous Spirit Tours. Imagine their surprise when they actually saw one.

The family didn’t see one up close, of course. But, after reviewing all of the pictures they took, they did a double take. It appears as though they caught a snapshot of a ghost girl traversing the infamous Stanley Hotel staircase. A few other visitors have documented strange sightings in the past, too.

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