An Informative Round-Up of Notable Royal Children

With all of the excitement happening in England, with the announcement of Harry and Meghan’s pregnancy and the wedding of Princess Eugenie, it’s easy to forget that there are tons of other royal families around the globe — some of whom retain much more power than the current English royals.

There’s been a real baby boom in the last few years, with many of these families choosing to have at least three children, if not more. This has led to a real explosion of royal births in the last 10 years, but many of these children remain largely unknown outside of their own countries.

Today, we’re here to explore some of the world’s most famous royal children, and how soon it will be until they’re legitimate players on the international stage.

Prince George of Cambridge

Currently third in line to the British throne, Prince George of Cambridge is the son of Prince William and Duchess Catherine, born in 2013. He’s most recently been seen frolicking as a page boy at several royal and royal-adjacent weddings this summer.

George’s full name is George Alexander Louis, and as a future monarch, his birth was celebrated by Commonwealth countries around the world with a 21-gun salute, and by the English Royal Mint with a rare commemorative coin. His first royal tour was when he was only nine months old, and although he’s been photographed with heads of state like Tony Abbott and Barack Obama, his parents are determined to help him grow up out of the spotlight.


Princess Charlotte of Cambridge

Princess Charlotte is Prince George’s younger sister, born to the Prince and Duchess of Cambridge in 2015. She is currently the fourth in the line of succession, and is the first girl in British history to be placed in a line of succession above one of her brothers, which is due to the Perth Agreement, which was formalized in 2011.

Adopted by the heads of the Commonwealth realms, this agreement created a new rule of absolute primogeniture, which replaced the older tradition of male-preferred primogeniture. This change has not affected the day to day life of the Princess, who goes to nursey school near Kensington Palace, and most frequently appears in public whenever there’s a royal wedding. She has an older brother, George, and a younger brother, Louis.

Aiko, Princess Toshi

Even though she’s not really a child anymore, most people in Japan are still interested in Aiko, Princess Toshi, the only child of Crown Prince Naruhito, the next in line to the Japanese throne. Born in 2001, she was the first Japanese royal family member not to be named by the Emperor and was instead named by her parents. Since the Japanese line of succession follows male-preferred primogeniture, she will never inherit her grandfather’s throne, instead her cousin Hisahito will one day follow her father as the Emperor.

Aiko rarely attends state occasions, and instead is focused on her school work. It was revealed that in 2010, she had been bullied in school, and had returned to some classes accompanied by her mother.

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