American TV Classics: The Best Shows on AMC

Fear the Walking Dead

The Walking Dead was such a monster hit that AMC launched a spin-off before the original had even concluded.

Fear the Walking Dead premiered in 2015 and is set in the same apocalyptic world as its predecessor but follows a different gang of survivors located in Los Angeles right at the onset of the zombie virus. The show follows the Clarks, a dysfunctional modern blended family who somehow all survive the zombie virus and must learn to fend for themselves in a dangerous new world full of face eating zombies.

Despite the show not being as highly rated by critics as the original series, the first season of Fear of the Walking Dead broke audience records to become the highest rated first season in cable history.

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Hell on Wheels

Hot on the heels of AMC’s streak of hit shows came Hell on Wheels, a 2011 western series that chronicled the building of the first transcontinental American railway.

This five-season show followed the exploits of former Confederate soldier Cullen Bohannon, played by Anson Mount. At first, Bohannon sets out to find the Union soldiers who murdered his family during the Civil War, but instead finds himself working as a chief engineer with the Union Pacific Railroad. Along the way, Bohannon encounters a colorful cast of characters that include prostitutes, ministers, freed slaves, Chinese workers, and many other archetypes who played a role in the great Western expansion.


Like its HBO western predecessor Deadwood, Hell on Wheels offers plenty of grit, grime, and colorful language that is sure to entertain.

The Killing

Based on a hit Danish television show, The Killing premiered on AMC in 2011 and later moved to Netflix for its fourth and final season in 2014.

Set in Seattle, The Killing centers around the grisly murder of a local teenage girl and the police investigation, familial grief, and political fallout that comes follows it. Mireille Enos stars as homicide detective Sarah Linden who is on the brink of retirement before she becomes embroiled in the high-profile murder case.

This highly rated series was so beloved that it survived several threats of cancellation, so it has to be worth the watch.

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