Affluenza: 10 Rich People Who Got Away With Horrible Crimes

It often seems like there are two tracks that exist within our justice system: One for people who are poor and have little influence, and another for people who are rich and wield either political, business, or financial influence over the proceedings.

Check out some of the cases where rich people got off with absurdly light “punishments” for crimes they committed, and make a decision for yourself.

Robert Durst

Ever since his wife vanished three decades ago, millionaire Robert Durst has been in the public eye under suspicion for her murder. He was never convicted of that crime, although he was the only person that knew of her whereabouts that night.

Later, he moved to Galveston, Texas, where he posed as a mute woman and rented a cheap apartment. He confessed to killing his friend and neighbor, Morris Black — he says it was in a dispute over a gun — and chopping up his body in order to hide it in a nearby lake. Even though he confessed to killing a person and mutilating his body, a Texas jury found him not guilty.

Now, he might finally face justice, as he was recently ordered to return to Los Angeles to face trial for another murder — this time, of his best friend Susan.