9 Weirdest Celebrity Death Conspiracies

When a famous person dies, some people simply have trouble letting go. This leads to people going through the various stages of grief, with some unfortunately getting hung up on the bargaining phase. When this happens, the conspiracy theories proliferate, and the Internet fills up with websites, videos and podcasts dedicated to those theories.

While we’ll admit that there could be more to some of these stories than meets the eye, these celebrity death conspiracy theories are exceptionally outlandish. A famous comedian faking his death to become a right-wing radio host? It’s here. A famous Rastafarian reggae star becoming the victim of a CIA assassination plot? It’s here, too.

There’s even a conspiracy theory involving a world-famous musician who you think is alive but who is in actuality dead. (Yep, you read that correctly!) So, what are the nuttiest celebrity death conspiracy theories of all time? Let’s find out…

1. Elvis Presley

When Elvis Presley died in 1977, the world mourned. Officially, the cause of the King’s death is unknown, as his family went to great pains in order to keep it concealed from the masses. Most suspect, however, that Elvis’ proclivity for drugs and his hard living were to blame.

Where a lack of information exists, though, conspiracy theories will flourish. Since his death, many around the world have continued to believe that he still lives. In fact, a simple search on the Internet will reveal countless pictures from people who believe they’ve spotted Elvis out and about. (Never mind, of course, the countless Elvis impersonators…)

Public Domain

Public Domain

2. Kurt Cobain

Kurt Cobain died on April 8th of 1994, and since the literal minute that his death was announced, conspiracy theories have surrounded the incident. Officially, Kurt Cobain committed suicide by taking a near-lethal dose of heroin and then shooting himself in the head with a shotgun.

Many, including some who were close to him, however, believe that Kurt didn’t commit suicide. They believe he was murdered. Most tend to point the finger at Kurt’s then-wife, Courtney Love, but there are other theories. If you’re interested, you can check out the recently released movie Soaked In Bleach, which delves into the issue.

3. Bill Hicks

The chain-smoking Bill Hicks was one of the most legendary comedians ever to take the stage. Known for his liberal world view and his capacious vocabulary, Hicks was a favorite of counter-culture types everywhere… Something that might pique the interest of the CIA!

Apparently, there are some out there who are absolutely convinced the Bill Hicks never died. Further they claim that well-known conspiracy theorist Alex Jones of Info Wars is in fact Bill Hicks. How could something like this come to pass? Well, the CIA kidnapped Bill Hicks, brainwashed him, and then turned him into a right-wing conspiracy kook, of course… DUH!

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